About AiroCide

Please allow us to introduce you to a non chemical (no ozone) Food Safety Air Sanitation solution, which was Technology Developed for NASA, offering the latest innovation in airborne Cross-Contamination protection for your company and your valuable brands. AiroCide applications are almost infinite when it comes to improving and protecting indoor air quality (IAQ), both effectively and cost efficiently. AiroCide works for NASA, AiroCide will work for you.

The AiroCide story begins in Space, NASA had a problem, ethylene gas (C2H4)! NASA’ pioneering space travelers had to learn to grow and manage their own crops. This requires the development of space-age greenhouses where astronaut farmers can experiment with harvesting large-scale food crops. Ethylene is a naturally occurring, odorless, colorless gas given off by plants that speeds up the ripening of fruits, vegetables and the aging of flowers, encouraging decay. Comprised of carbon and hydrogen, in closed growing environments, like on a spacecraft or in a terrestrial greenhouse, ethylene builds up quickly and plants mature too fast. Removing ethylene, therefore, is important to preserving crops not just in space, but also on Earth, where grocers, cold storage warehouses and florists have an interest in reducing the gas that ultimately shortens the shelf life, storage life and home life of their products.

AiroCide is the only air purifier that completely mineralizes (turns organics into carbon dioxide and water vapor) airborne bacteria, mold, fungi, mycotoxins, viruses, allergens, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s like ethylene), and odors. What’s more, the device has no filters that need changing and produce no harmful byproducts, such as the ozone. This AiroCide technology was first launched aboard Space Shuttle Columbia mission STS-73, where onboard the spacecraft the device was used successfully to preserve crop growth by removing ethylene gas and other airborne contaminants.

  • AiroCide uses a Photocatalytic Reactor (Not a Filter) and Kills, Airborne Bacteria, Mold/Fungi, Viruses, Allergens, and Mycotoxins
  • AiroCide is a Totally GREEN (non-chemical based) Technology that is Certified to Produce No Ozone
  • AiroCide Oxidizes Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s), thereby removing Harmful Gases and Undesirable Organic Odors
  • AiroCode is a Completely Safe and Effective Technology having been listed and Certified as a FDA Medical Device
  • AiroCide is energy efficient, has low operational cost, consuming less Energy then (3) 100 watt light bulbs, and only requires yearly maintenance