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Industrial Air Purification for Food Quality Control

In air purification for quality control and food testing laboratories, safety and effectiveness go hand in hand. A sealed, sterile environment requires air purification that scrubs the air completely, without producing harmful compounds like ozone. Airocide is that air purification solution – easy to install anywhere and designed to be effective at any scale, without producing ozone or using potentially toxic chemicals like hydrogen peroxide. With a technology developed by NASA for use on the space station, Airocide was born in a sealed environment where air quality was critical. When air quality is on the line in your food testing and quality control environments, Airocide is the solution you can rely on.

Stop Airborne Contaminants in Food Testing

The human nose and tongue can detect impurities in amounts that reach the parts per billions or trillions, depending on the molecule – and when it comes to mold, bacteria, and viruses in your quality testing environments, you have equipment that’s even more sensitive than that. You don’t want a single molecule to disrupt your quality control process or compromise your products. In sealed labs for testing or research and development, sterile production lines, and in all of your equipment, the air is the key barrier between your products and contamination.

Airocide Works Differently

An Airocide unit processes the air differently than a filter alone, working independently of high efficiency filtration systems and HVAC filters to create clean air in rooms of any size. Air that enters your Airocide unit is subjected to photocatalytic oxidation, or PCO, a process that produces no emissions:

  • Air that enters the unit passes over a catalyst bed, which is activated by a set of PCO lamps.
    Unwanted organic molecules, including viruses, spoilage bacteria, mold, and airborne VOCs (volatile organic compounds) react with the catalyst bed and are destroyed – deactivated and reduced to trace elements of carbon dioxide and water vapor.
  • Clean air exits the unit and circulates throughout your facility. No ozone or other emissions are produced.
  • Some Airocide units contain convenient dust-preventing prefilters, but they all feature safe, effective, zero-emission PCO technology.

The airborne molecules that can cause contamination are gone – and your air is still safe for employees to breathe freely.

The Right Purification for Quality Control

Additionally, your Airocide system can be scaled to provide this same protection everywhere. We have a variety of units designed for handling high volumes of air on production lines and warehouses, or for back offices and areas like meeting rooms. And, with the help of one of our air purification experts, you can have a system designed to fit your facility – from testing labs and clean rooms all the way to production, storage, and shipping. Protect your food quality, reduce the risk of contamination, and even help your employees breathe easier. Airocide air purification makes it simple. Contact us today to learn more, or to get started with a free facility quote.

Control Cork Taint, Mold, and TCA – Air Purification for Commercial Wine Cellars

For taste and quality, keeping the air in your wine cellar clean is just as important as ensuring the right humidity and temperature. Sanitation throughout your cellars is key to keeping off-flavors from developing in your product – whether from mold or TCA and cork taint. But, did you know that the airborne mold you don’t see can be just as insidious as the mold colonies that form in the darker, more damp areas of the cellar? Air purification is the last line of defense against mold and TCA in your commercial wine cellar.

Your Wine Loves the Cellar, So Does Mold

The conditions that help your wines maintain their flavor or flourish while they age also happen to be similar to those conditions that mold loves. The right relative humidity can reduce evaporative losses in barrels, and low light and mild temperatures help maintain the delicate balance that a good wine needs. But, humid air encourages mold colonies, and wherever a mold colony starts, shortly after it will start sporing. Additionally, cleaning products and molds can interact with natural phenols present in wood barrels or wine corks, creating the TCA molecule that ruins even the best bottles.

All of this exchange requires a medium – the air carries mold spores from active colonies, even small ones, all over your cellar. Stray spores will have all of the time they need to land and begin the reactions that ruin your wines with corky flavors like newspaper and wet cement.

Stop Mold in its Tracks

Even the cleanest wine cellar can be susceptible to mold growth, but what if you could stop mold spores from ever landing in the first place? Airocide is an air purifier specially equipped to handle mold spores and other unwanted organic molecules – even volatile organic compounds (or VOCs) like TCA. It eliminates these threats from the air without producing harmful emissions, keeping your cellar air clean and safe. The best part? It cleans your air without affecting the delicate balance of temperature, humidity, and low light that your wines need to thrive.

Mold and TCA Protection for Your Cellar

The technology behind Airocide air purification was designed by NASA for use on the space station, and it easily scales to spaces of many sizes. Safe enough to use in an enclosed office, and effective enough to purify the air throughout an entire warehouse – Airocide air purification can be configured to fit the needs of your commercial wine cellar. Get started protecting your products from airborne mold, the off flavors of cork taint from TCA, and much more, reach out to an air purification expert today to learn more.

A Hospital-Grade, COVID-19 Ready Air Purifier

How much easier would you breathe with the confidence that the air purifier in your office was hospital-grade and ready to eliminate the airborne virus that causes COVID-19? What if you knew you were providing critical protection across your entire facility – from production lines, to storage, to transport trucks, and beyond?

Airocide is the hospital-grade air purifier that can be installed in any space in your business – giving you a system proven to reduce the airborne coronavirus that causes COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2, lessening the risk to anyone in your facility. There are Airocide units equipped to handle multiple environments, with real-world use cases that include hospitals, restaurants, offices, warehouses, and much more. Discover what makes Airocide so powerful and versatile, and how you can protect your employees, visitors, and yourself with hospital-grade air purification.

What’s in Hospital-Grade Air Purification?

Clean air should mean just that – clean air. Airocide air purification produces no harmful emissions, as some other purifiers do. There’s no ozone and no peroxide, because Airocide purifiers use a technology designed for some of the most sensitive manmade environments of all. Photocatalytic oxidation (PCO), the technology in every Airocide unit, was designed by NASA to be deployed on the space station. The PCO in Airocide uses a sealed bioreactor to destroy pathogens and unwanted airborne compounds without producing harmful emissions. Now, Airocide can be found safely scrubbing the air in all kinds of environments here on earth – including sensitive medical facilities.

Systems Designed for Your Facility

Airocide isn’t just for the small, sealed compartments of the space station, though – PCO is an exceptionally adaptable, hospital-grade air purifier technology that can help protect against the virus that causes COVID-19 in spaces of any size. Imagine visitors who can come and go with confidence, employees working or enjoying the break room and common areas worry-free, and even just the relief you’ll get from a lower risk of airborne illnesses, both major and minor, throughout your facility. It’s all possible because the bioreactor, which forms the basis of PCO’s purification capabilities, can be expanded and modified. There are Airocide units adapted for greater throughput, a more thorough first-pass viral kill, and for higher-volume processing.

Discover the Air Purification Solution for Your Business

The right hospital-grade air purifier system will provide protection from the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 no matter the size of your facility. Airocide meets the standard for medical 

Indoor Air Purification Technology to Boost Restaurant Air Quality

Dining rooms are filling back up, and so is the air throughout your restaurant. For customers and employees both, peace of mind about the air they’re breathing is one menu item that comes with no substitutions. How can you show you’re going above and beyond for their safety and comfort? Provide reassurance in your restaurant with an indoor air purification technology that’s proven to boost air quality. Airocide air purifiers use NASA-developed technology that is proven to kill viruses, reduce volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and stop airborne bacteria, mold, and more. Airocide air purification provides benefits to everyone in your restaurant, including your bottom line, so read on and discover Airocide.

Protection and Peace of Mind for Customers

In hospitality and service spaces, the customer’s comfort is key. Whether it’s combatting pollen in spring, or providing a sense of security with pure air during cold and flu season, your Airocide system provides real protection. Your Airocide air purifier kills 99.99% of the pathogens and unwanted airborne organic particles that pass through its sealed reactor – and, we can help you create a system configured to clean the air in any size space. That means every dining room can get the full benefits from Airocide, with no harmful emissions of any kind.

Defend Employees and Kitchens From Viruses and More

In the kitchen and your back offices, employees will also breathe easier with Airocide. The technology inside of an Airocide unit kills bacteria and viruses, helping reduce the risk of infection by airborne illnesses. It also kills mold spores in the air, preventing it from landing on food and prep surfaces. And, with units of all sizes, there is an Airocide unit that’s just the right size to provide these same benefits in your back offices and break rooms.

An Additional Benefit for Your Bottom Line

And, if you store ingredients for any length of time, priority #1 is likely preventing spoilage in your walk-in fridge, freezer, cooler, or pantry. Airocide can help here too – not only by eliminating mold and bacteria that can cause spoilage, but also by reducing the buildup of ethylene. Ethylene gas is a colorless, odorless compound produced by ripe fruits and vegetables, which can accumulate and cause rapid overripening and spoilage. Airocide destroys this gas, reducing it to harmless trace elements, carbon dioxide, and water vapor.

Discover Powerful Air Purification Technology for Your Restaurant

Using Airocide as the indoor air purification technology for your restaurant provides benefits throughout your business. Protect customers and employees, and even get some added benefits for your bottom line. Learn more about using Airocide in your restaurant, reach out to us today to get in touch with an air purification expert.

Where Can Photocatalytic Oxidation Air Purifiers be Applied?

Pure air is paramount in any space, no matter how big or small. Where some purifiers can produce harmful compounds, like ozone, and some use chemicals like hydrogen peroxide, photocatalytic oxidation (PCO) air purifiers provide an effective solution without those risks. Airocide, developed for NASA uses this powerful air purification method – and because these purifiers produce no harmful emissions, they’re safe to use in a wide variety of spaces and applications. Find out why a PCO air purifier is the right fit for your space, and read on to discover how you can get the NASA-developed solution that’s already in use around the globe.

Photocatalytic Oxidation Air Purifiers – Developed by NASA

Airocide’s PCO process was developed for use in the cramped quarters of the space station. NASA was experimenting with growing plants in space, and mature plants produce a volatile organic compound (or VOC) known as ethylene gas. This VOC can collect and begin to accelerate the aging and spoilage of healthy plant matter. A form of PCO was developed that didn’t produce harmful emissions like ozone, and which – in addition to eliminating VOCs – also safely eliminated viruses, bacteria, and other unwanted organic particles in the air. That technology, developed for NASA, is the very same as you’ll find in Airocide air purification.

Safe Air Purification for All Spaces

From the tight quarters of the space station, to hospitals and operating theaters, to busy offices, and all the way to the largest production lines and warehouses, PCO technology is uniquely capable of scaling to your space. It keeps sensitive products like produce and flowers fresh by stopping airborne mold and VOCs. It protects employees by eliminating bacteria and viruses from the air they breathe. And can even help protect your bottom line by reducing losses and lost time from all of these issues. PCO does all of this without producing any harmful emissions, meaning that your employees, visitors, customers, and even office pets and service animals can breathe easy knowing their air is purified by Airocide.

A PCO Air Purification System for Your Space

To fit a variety of spaces and use cases, we have a wide variety of PCO air purifiers. To create the best system for your space, we recommend reaching out to an air purification expert here to learn more about using Airocide. You’re likely to discover that, no matter the size of your space, Airocide air purification with PCO can be made into an ideal fit.

FDA-Approved Medical Grade Air Purification

What’s more integral to health than the air we breathe? As a healthcare provider or the manager of a healthcare facility, you know that maintaining a sanitary environment is key to preventing hospital/healthcare-acquired infections and complications in your patients and visitors. The cleanliness of the air in your medical facility is just as important as that of every surface, which is why medical-grade air purification is key. The right air purification solution is safe to use, trusted to fit your specific space and needs, and FDA-approved for use in medical contexts. The solution is Airocide medical-grade air purification.

An FDA Class II Listed Medical Device

The air purification technology inside every Airocide unit is listed with the FDA as a Class II Medical Device, approved for use in hospitals and other medical contexts. It eliminates airborne viruses and bacteria by drawing air across a contained catalyst bed, which is activated by proprietary lamps. The process that kills viruses, bacteria, fungal spores, and any other unwanted organic molecules is called photocatalytic oxidation, or PCO. Unlike a variety of other air purifiers, Airocide does not produce ozone or rely on harmful chemicals like hydrogen peroxide. The reaction is completely contained and no harmful emissions are produced. In addition, an Airocide system can be adapted to your unique space and use case – meaning you can get coverage and protection for your staff and patients no matter the size of your facility.

A Medical Air Purification System for Your Unique Facility

The PCO technology in Airocide was originally developed for NASA, for use on the small, enclosed spaces of the space station. The catalyst that PCO purification uses, though, can be expanded for a variety of applications. We have a broad array of Airocide units with different properties for different use cases. Differences can include particulate filters for catching dust before it enters the chamber, or a larger catalyst surface for more air processed per pass. Air dwell time, too, is a factor, and the longer air idles inside the chamber the more thoroughly it’s purified. The different units provide the unique protection your space needs, but we can help determine just the right system for your facility.

Simple to Use, Powerful Results

Regardless of the unit type, using your Airocide purifier is as simple as mounting it, turning it on, and letting it run continually, with simple and infrequent maintenance routines per unit. Determining the right unit for your space, and the right system to cover your facility, is also simple – just reach out to one of our medical air purification experts and we can help create a custom system just for your space. Whether you’re managing the air quality in a hospital, doctor’s office, or care facility, you can breathe easier knowing your unique Airocide system is providing 24/7 medical-grade protection to staff, patients, and visitors.

Airocide Kills SARS-CoV-2 – New Study Results

A new study has shown that Airocide air purifiers can eliminate SARS-CoV-2, the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19. In 2020, the World Health Organization designated the outbreak of COVID-19 a global pandemic, and we’ve been working to determine how effective the photocatalytic oxidation (or PCO) and filtration technology inside Airocide is at fighting this virus. The results from a recent study show serious promise – with up to a 99.94% reduction of the SARS-CoV-2 virus in testing. Here’s a basic overview of how our Airocide units were tested, and the results we saw. For more detail, take a look at the study summary here or reach out to SteriLumen, Inc. for a full copy of the original study results.

Ensuring Reliable Test Results

SteriLumen, Inc. worked with MRIGlobal on a series of tests to determine the efficacy of Airocide air purification products at eliminating aerosolized SARS-CoV-2. Under tightly controlled conditions, both for reliable and repeatable test results and a safe environment for testing staff, they tested the Airocide technology in three distinct ways. They tested an Airocide unit with its integrated particulate filter and an active PCO catalyst, a unit with an active catalyst and no filter, and an unpowered unit as a baseline control test.

Testing Method

To start, MRIGlobal built a specialized system to conduct the tests: a Plexiglas chamber fitted with aerosol generation and sample collection systems inside a sealed protective cabinet. Each unit was tested under the same conditions, for the same amount of time – including the unpowered control unit. Each unit was placed in the chamber, powered on and allowed to warm up for 20 minutes, and the chamber was then filled with aerosolized SARS-CoV-2 for 10 minutes. Samples were collected 5 minutes and 30 seconds after the chamber was filled with the virus, then at regular intervals during the testing period, for up to 30 minutes.

Test Results – Airocide PCO Air Purification and SARS-CoV-2

MRIGlobal’s report shows the reduction or deactivation of SARS-CoV-2 in the tested air. MRIGlobal’s results were reported in a scientific measure known as log reduction. Converted to percentages, the virus was reduced by 99.94% by the Airocide unit with a particulate filter and PCO catalyst within 5 minutes and 30 seconds of operation, and 99.05% by the unit with a catalyst and no filter during the 20-30 minute test period.

Airocide PCO Air Purifiers can Reduce and Deactivate SARS-CoV-2

The results show it clearly, viable SARS-CoV-2 was eliminated or removed from the tested air in significant amounts by the active Airocide units. It echoes similar results we’ve seen with unwanted organic particles like bacteria, other viruses, and fungal spores. When the PCO reactor in an Airocide unit processes air with unwanted organic particles, it’s not just trapping them. With or without filtration, organic particles that enter the reactor are destabilized and destroyed. That means less viable pathogens circulating in your air. Find out more about using PCO to purify the air in your offices and facilities, reach out to our air purification experts and discover Airocide today.

Reduce Employee Exposure to Viruses, VOCs, and Bacteria

No matter the nature of your business, improving air quality is one of the best ways to protect your employees from respiratory issues big and small. Between airborne viruses, bacterial infections, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from building materials or even stored stock, staff are exposed to a variety of airborne threats that can impact their health. Proper air purification is the answer – but a system that protects against all of these threats would need to go above and beyond traditional HVAC filtration, in order to intercept problems before they arise. Whether it’s stopping VOCs in production or storage, blocking viruses in the office, or keeping common areas free of bacterial pathogens, Airocide is the air purification system that can help you defend every employee.

Protecting During Production

Airocide is an air purification technology that can scale to the size of your workspace – no matter how large or small. That means employees get protection everywhere, whether they’re at a desk or on the production line. In processing and warehousing, that means you can protect against volatile organic compounds, or VOCs – the unstable organic gasses that can be produced by building materials, plants, and certain industrial chemicals. Extended exposure to VOCs can result in respiratory problems, making them a serious threat to air quality. With the right Airocide system, you’ll have coverage against all kinds of unwanted VOCs.

Reducing Exposure to Viruses and Bacteria

When it comes to productivity killers, office bugs are the worst – regardless of whether it’s a fast-moving bacterial infection or an airborne virus. For quality of life in the office, air quality is the key. Airocide kills 99.99% of the bacteria and viruses that pass through its bioreactor, stopping them from ever reaching your employees. The best part? Airocide purifies the air without using harsh chemicals or producing any harmful emissions, unlike air purifiers that use ozone or hydrogen peroxide.

Protection Designed for Your Space

Airocide uses a technology called photocatalytic oxidation – developed for use in space by NASA – to purify the air without producing off-gasses or emissions. When unwanted organic molecules like bacteria, VOCs, and viruses enter your unit, they’re reduced to carbon dioxide and water vapor, and only clean air circulates out. It’s easy to install, operate, and maintain an Airocide system, and with the help of one of our air purification experts it’s easy to design a system that’s perfect for your facility. Reach out to us today and learn more about protecting every employee from viruses and more with this safe, powerful air purification technology.

Chemical-free Black Mold Control (and More) for Wineries

Preventing black mold is a full-time job when you operate your barrel room or wine cave at the optimal relative humidity for retaining your product. And because wine ages at such a slow rate, barrels aren’t expected to move too much. Cleaning around barrels requires careful precision – and sometimes powerful cleaning chemicals. For some winemakers, chemicals are a non-option – but black mold doesn’t cease being a threat. Airocide presents an elegant, chemical-free solution to control black mold in your cellar, barrel room, or wine cave. You can produce a more natural product, without worry about mold, spoilage bacteria and yeast, or evaporative loss from lower RH. Discover how Airocide protects your product.

Defending Your Winery Against Black Mold

Black mold spreads, like many fungal pathogens, by releasing spores. Black mold can become airborne – and disturbances like changes in air pressure, vibrations, and everyday foot traffic can be enough to send spores flying through the air. It can land on product, and on employees – and as soon as it reaches a suitable organic material it takes hold and grows. For your product, that could mean spoilage – but it also spells danger for employees who could inhale it. Taking control of black mold means eliminating it where it spreads, not just where you find it in your cellar.

The Right Chemical-Free Air Purification

That’s where Airocide can help. As an air purification technology designed to process the air in your facility independently of your HVAC, Airocide continually processes and purifies the air inside your storage areas without disturbing those environmental factors your product depends on as it ages. That means you can operate at the right relative humidity without worrying about providing an environment for fungal spores, spoilage bacteria, and yeast in the air.

Airocide destroys unwanted organic molecules, and it does so without the use of any harsh chemicals or dangerous emissions. That means no peroxides, no ozone, and no volatile organic compounds are produced. Unwanted fungal spores, spoilage bacteria, yeast, and even viruses enter the sealed reaction chamber and are broken down into trace elements of carbon dioxide and water vapor. Not only can this reduce the incidence of infections like black mold, it can also help prevent aging product from developing off flavors.

Proven Effective Against Mold

Just one visit to our customer testimonials will illustrate the positive effect of installing Airocide for airborne mold control. But, for more information on how it can help your winery specifically, we have experts in air purification ready to answer your questions. Reach out today to learn more about zero-emission air purification for your winery, and find out what Airocide can do to help protect your products.

An Office Air Purifier That Destroys Viruses, Bacteria, and More

“Back to the office” doesn’t need to mean going back to dodging airborne viruses, seasonal allergens, and pollutants or irritants in the air. With the right air purifier, you can reduce the risk of respiratory infections, keep the air free of those sniffle-causing pollen molecules, and provide clean air to the whole office that’s free of fungal spores and bacteria. The right technology doesn’t just stop airborne irritants and threats, though – it destroys them and removes them from the air completely so the risk of infection is reduced. Find out what kind of protection will help you reduce and control viruses, bacteria, and much more in your office’s air – read on to learn all about Airocide.

Powerful Protection From Airborne Threats

Air quality is the first line of defense between your workforce and airborne infections – so a reliable solution is key. Airocide is proven powerful and effective, with case studies collected across more than two decades of industrial use. Many of the studies point to significant reductions in colony-forming bacteria, viruses, mold, and fungi – the very same airborne contaminants that can cause infections and other health issues in an office environment. Airocide destroys these contaminants, reducing infection risks and helping keep your air, and your employees, healthy.

Office-Friendly Air Purification Units

Designed to be easy to use and maintain, Airocide is a perfect fit for offices of all sizes. Whether for personal office units or extensive open-plan spaces, there’s an Airocide system that can be configured to provide full protection. Installation is easy too, with all the equipment you need to mount the unit included. When it’s ready to run, all you need to do is plug it in and turn it on – it will operate continuously. It’s perfectly safe to run 24/7, because Airocide produces no ozone or harmful emissions. Maintenance varies per unit, but is often as easy as switching a filter and changing the bulbs in your unit.

Protect Employees With an Office Air Purifier That Destroys Viruses

As FDA Certified class II medical devices, every Airocide unit offers proven, safe air purification and protection for your office. Find out which unit is right for your space, reach out to our air purification experts today and request a facility proposal. You’ll find it’s easy to create a clean atmosphere in your offices with Airocide.