Indoor Air Purification Technology to Boost Restaurant Air Quality

indoor air purification technology to boost restaurant air quality

Dining rooms are filling back up, and so is the air throughout your restaurant. For customers and employees both, peace of mind about the air they’re breathing is one menu item that comes with no substitutions. How can you show you’re going above and beyond for their safety and comfort? Provide reassurance in your restaurant with an indoor air purification technology that’s proven to boost air quality. Airocide air purifiers use NASA-developed technology that is proven to kill viruses, reduce volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and stop airborne bacteria, mold, and more. Airocide air purification provides benefits to everyone in your restaurant, including your bottom line, so read on and discover Airocide.

Protection and Peace of Mind for Customers

In hospitality and service spaces, the customer’s comfort is key. Whether it’s combatting pollen in spring, or providing a sense of security with pure air during cold and flu season, your Airocide system provides real protection. Your Airocide air purifier kills 99.99% of the pathogens and unwanted airborne organic particles that pass through its sealed reactor – and, we can help you create a system configured to clean the air in any size space. That means every dining room can get the full benefits from Airocide, with no harmful emissions of any kind.

Defend Employees and Kitchens From Viruses and More

In the kitchen and your back offices, employees will also breathe easier with Airocide. The technology inside of an Airocide unit kills bacteria and viruses, helping reduce the risk of infection by airborne illnesses. It also kills mold spores in the air, preventing it from landing on food and prep surfaces. And, with units of all sizes, there is an Airocide unit that’s just the right size to provide these same benefits in your back offices and break rooms.

An Additional Benefit for Your Bottom Line

And, if you store ingredients for any length of time, priority #1 is likely preventing spoilage in your walk-in fridge, freezer, cooler, or pantry. Airocide can help here too – not only by eliminating mold and bacteria that can cause spoilage, but also by reducing the buildup of ethylene. Ethylene gas is a colorless, odorless compound produced by ripe fruits and vegetables, which can accumulate and cause rapid overripening and spoilage. Airocide destroys this gas, reducing it to harmless trace elements, carbon dioxide, and water vapor.

Discover Powerful Air Purification Technology for Your Restaurant

Using Airocide as the indoor air purification technology for your restaurant provides benefits throughout your business. Protect customers and employees, and even get some added benefits for your bottom line. Learn more about using Airocide in your restaurant, reach out to us today to get in touch with an air purification expert.