Introducing the AiroPro HD

Ideal for reducing exposure to viruses, respiratory tract infections, fungi, and allergens, the new Airocide is designed to purify the air in your large workspace. Whether in your office, warehouse, or fulfillment center, you can use the same Technology Developed for NASA that’s in Airocide to protect your entire workforce. Since 2000, our products have […]

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KES AiroCide Air Purification unit removes harmful VOCs and affects Airflow

How Air Purification Affects Airflow

Airocide commercial air purification can be the difference between spoiled produce and significantly extended shelf life. For food processing facilities, cold storage units, and food banks, airflow is pertinent to keeping food fresh, safe and optimal for purchase. So what can you do to ensure your airflow is working to your advantage? Join thousands of […]

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Air Sanitation for All Seasons

Every season has its own bounty of produce. But organic supermarkets and produce providers are tasked with stocking their shelves with seasonal items year round. To keep your produce fresh and your customers happy, arm your cold storage facility with commercial air sanitation from Airocide. Keep Your Cool Mold, bacteria and airborne threats should always […]

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Learn how and why food banks need air purification from AiroCide commercial by KES Air

Why Food Banks Need Air Purification

Approximately half of the Feeding America Food Banks, located in the U.S., are utilizing our Airocide air purification technology in their food storage facilities. These food banks have seen up to five more days of extended shelf life in their donated products. What does this mean? It means more food for local communities and better […]

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What is Ethylene gas - Remove it with AiroCide commercial air purification products

What is Ethylene Gas?

Odorless, invisible, and toxic, ethylene gas is among the largest airborne threats to commercial cold storage and food processing facilities. As experts in commercial air purification, we know the importance of controlling ethylene gas. Today, there are thousands of our Airocide units in service, providing an effective solution to ethylene gas. But what is ethylene […]

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Protect your produce with commercial air purification from KES AiroCide

Protect Your Produce with Commercial Air Purification

After decades, Airocide continues to provide thousands of global cold storage facilities and food processors with pure, clean air. Our commercial air purification technology protects the produce in your cold storage facilities and helps you provide fresh produce with extended shelf life. It works to remove ethylene gas, mold, and bacterial contamination for brighter, more […]

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Take control of your commercial cold storage with AiroCide commercial by KES Air

Take Control of Your Commercial Cold Storage

Your commercial cold storage facility relies on you to maintain a clean and safe environment for your products. Additionally, your customers rely on you to provide clean, high-quality products. You can better manage your food safety, control ethylene gas, contamination, and more when you take control of your commercial cold storage. and trust our Airocide […]

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Eliminate ethylene gas with KES-Air Commercial AiroCide solution

Eliminate Ethylene Gas

Commercial air sanitation is one of the most important investments for cold storage facilities to eliminate ethylene gas. Indeed without Airocide’s commercial air purification, ethylene gas will rapidly ripen and ruin your perishables. Keep reading to learn how we can help your facility eliminate ethylene gas and increase your products’ shelf life. Proven & Trusted […]

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Keep your cold storage clean from VOCs, ethylene gas, and other airborne bacteria - KES Commercial AiroCide

How to Keep Your Cold Storage Clean

Cold storage facilities are prime real estate for airborne bacteria. In the food, beverage and floral industries, keeping your facility clean is vital for your product, your employees, your customers and your profits. Our Airocide commercial air sanitation system allows you to eliminate airborne bacteria and keep your cold storage clean. Turn the Bad Into […]

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Airocide's Technology Developed for NASA removes ethylene gas from your commercial storage facilities

Technology Developed for NASA Removes Ethylene Gas

Ethylene gas is a nearly undetectable threat to all commercial cold storage products. Our Airocide commercial air sanitation works around the clock to eliminate this airborne threat. Our Technology Developed for NASA removes ethylene gas and keeps your product fresher, longer. Keep reading to learn how our commercial air purification system can benefit you. From […]

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