Uses a Photocatalytic Reactor (No filters) ad Kills Airborne bacteria, mold/fungi, viruses, and mycotoxins

Totally Green (non-chemical based) Technology that is certified to produce no ozone.

Oxidizes volatile organic compounds (VOCs’) thereby removing harmful gases and undesirable organic odors

Completely safe and effective technology having been listed and certified as a FDA class II medical device

Energy Efficient and low operational costs, consuming less energy than (3)-100 watt light bulbs and only requires yearly maintenance.

ACS-100FG must be installed on a wall. ACS-100 can be installed on a wall or ceiling.

  • Power (Pre-Set / Non-Switchable) – 120 Volt / 220 Volt
  • Recommended Available Amps – 4 Amps / 2 Amps
  • Power Consumption In Watts – 408 Watts
  • Power Cord Length (Custom Lengths Available) – 20 Ft

Airocide Dimensions – 59.625″ x 26.125″ x 7″ (1.514 M x .664 M x .178 M)
Airocide Dimensions With Shipping Box – 64″ x 29″ x 9″ (1.626 M x .737 M x .229 M
Airocide Weight – 115 LBS (52.163 KG)
Shipping Weight (Excluding Pallet Weight If Used) – 117 LBS (53.070 KG)


*Airocide Systems can be mounted on the wall or ceiling except for the ACS-100FG model. This model must be mounted to a wall.


Please refer to the specific instructions for installing this model. All mounting hardware is supplied. No special wiring is required. Following mounting, plug the system in to a standard outlet (120 V or 220 V depending on your country ) and turn it on. The Systems are designed to operate 24 hours per day. A course Fan Protective Element (filter) is used in the air inlet to 444protect the fan and exclude foreign objects. If this filter becomes clogged, it can be cleaned or replaced.


Note: If your power is subject to fluctuations, we recommend using a surge protector.