Remove Ethylene Gas and Mold with Airocide

Is ethylene gas making your perishables’ shelf life decrease? Is mold wiping out your crop? Has your production reduced because of either or both of these troubling airborne threats? We know your struggles, and we have your solution. You can remove ethylene gas and mold with Airocide – our proven air purifying technology.

Our Airocide Technology

Technology Developed for NASA to remove ethylene gas for astronauts growing crops in space, Airocide is trusted among grocers, cold storage warehouses and florists who have an interest in reducing the gas that hinders storage life and home life of their products.

Ethylene gas is a naturally occurring odorless and invisible gas given off by plants. The only way to notice the problem is by increased ripening of produce and the aging of flowers. It ultimately causes premature decay in closed growing spaces. This is why it is vital for your business to remove ethylene gas with an Airocide sanitation system.

In order for space-age greenhouses to flourish, the Airocide system needed to protect the NASA-tested crops from cross-contamination and improve air quality at the same time. Airocide first launched aboard Space Shuttle Columbia mission STS-73. As a result, the device was successfully able to preserve crop growth by removing ethylene gas and other airborne contaminants.

Down to Earth

Back on the ground in closed grow spaces and cold storage facilities, Airocide air purifying systems kill more than 99.99% of airborne pathogens through its processor. It completely destroys airborne bacteria. It turns mold, fungi, mycotoxins, viruses, allergens, VOCs (like ethylene), and odors into carbon dioxide and water vapor.

Alongside prolonging shelf life, our air purification system will keep other airborne pathogens from landing on and devastating your crops. Among other bacteria and viruses, photocatalytic oxidation technology also kills airborne Lactobacillus and other microbes, which can be a problem in wine, beer and other beverage and food processing facilities.

Because airborne cross-contamination poses a potential threat to food safety, the chemical-free system provides added protection. Doing this, Airocide helps to enhance quality assurance programs. Our patented air purifying technology device has no filters that need changing and does not utilize nor produce any harmful byproducts, such as ozone. This allows us to remove ethylene gas and mold while maintaining a safe, clean environment for your business and employees.

The Astronauts and You

With the ease of Airocide products, it’s as simple as “plug and play.” The air sanitizing system works 24 hours a day, seven days a week without fail. Whether growing NASA grapes in space or storing wine in barrels, our technology is used in a variety of operations. Florals, perishable foods, storage, distribution, and processing operations rely on AiroClean to offer a superior product with a clean, environmentally and maintenance friendly technology.

If space travelers remove ethylene gas and mold with Airocide, you can trust us to work for your needs, too. To learn how Airocide fits in your facility, contact us today!