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Where Can Photocatalytic Oxidation Air Purifiers be Applied?

Pure air is paramount in any space, no matter how big or small. Where some purifiers can produce harmful compounds, like ozone, and some use chemicals like hydrogen peroxide, photocatalytic oxidation (PCO) air purifiers provide an effective solution without those risks. Airocide, developed for NASA uses this powerful air purification method – and because these purifiers produce no harmful emissions, they’re safe to use in a wide variety of spaces and applications. Find out why a PCO air purifier is the right fit for your space, and read on to discover how you can get the NASA-developed solution that’s already in use around the globe.

Photocatalytic Oxidation Air Purifiers – Developed by NASA

Airocide’s PCO process was developed for use in the cramped quarters of the space station. NASA was experimenting with growing plants in space, and mature plants produce a volatile organic compound (or VOC) known as ethylene gas. This VOC can collect and begin to accelerate the aging and spoilage of healthy plant matter. A form of PCO was developed that didn’t produce harmful emissions like ozone, and which – in addition to eliminating VOCs – also safely eliminated viruses, bacteria, and other unwanted organic particles in the air. That technology, developed for NASA, is the very same as you’ll find in Airocide air purification.

Safe Air Purification for All Spaces

From the tight quarters of the space station, to hospitals and operating theaters, to busy offices, and all the way to the largest production lines and warehouses, PCO technology is uniquely capable of scaling to your space. It keeps sensitive products like produce and flowers fresh by stopping airborne mold and VOCs. It protects employees by eliminating bacteria and viruses from the air they breathe. And can even help protect your bottom line by reducing losses and lost time from all of these issues. PCO does all of this without producing any harmful emissions, meaning that your employees, visitors, customers, and even office pets and service animals can breathe easy knowing their air is purified by Airocide.

A PCO Air Purification System for Your Space

To fit a variety of spaces and use cases, we have a wide variety of PCO air purifiers. To create the best system for your space, we recommend reaching out to an air purification expert here to learn more about using Airocide. You’re likely to discover that, no matter the size of your space, Airocide air purification with PCO can be made into an ideal fit.

FDA-Approved Medical Grade Air Purification

What’s more integral to health than the air we breathe? As a healthcare provider or the manager of a healthcare facility, you know that maintaining a sanitary environment is key to preventing hospital/healthcare-acquired infections and complications in your patients and visitors. The cleanliness of the air in your medical facility is just as important as that of every surface, which is why medical-grade air purification is key. The right air purification solution is safe to use, trusted to fit your specific space and needs, and FDA-approved for use in medical contexts. The solution is Airocide medical-grade air purification.

An FDA Class II Listed Medical Device

The air purification technology inside every Airocide unit is listed with the FDA as a Class II Medical Device, approved for use in hospitals and other medical contexts. It eliminates airborne viruses and bacteria by drawing air across a contained catalyst bed, which is activated by proprietary lamps. The process that kills viruses, bacteria, fungal spores, and any other unwanted organic molecules is called photocatalytic oxidation, or PCO. Unlike a variety of other air purifiers, Airocide does not produce ozone or rely on harmful chemicals like hydrogen peroxide. The reaction is completely contained and no harmful emissions are produced. In addition, an Airocide system can be adapted to your unique space and use case – meaning you can get coverage and protection for your staff and patients no matter the size of your facility.

A Medical Air Purification System for Your Unique Facility

The PCO technology in Airocide was originally developed for NASA, for use on the small, enclosed spaces of the space station. The catalyst that PCO purification uses, though, can be expanded for a variety of applications. We have a broad array of Airocide units with different properties for different use cases. Differences can include particulate filters for catching dust before it enters the chamber, or a larger catalyst surface for more air processed per pass. Air dwell time, too, is a factor, and the longer air idles inside the chamber the more thoroughly it’s purified. The different units provide the unique protection your space needs, but we can help determine just the right system for your facility.

Simple to Use, Powerful Results

Regardless of the unit type, using your Airocide purifier is as simple as mounting it, turning it on, and letting it run continually, with simple and infrequent maintenance routines per unit. Determining the right unit for your space, and the right system to cover your facility, is also simple – just reach out to one of our medical air purification experts and we can help create a custom system just for your space. Whether you’re managing the air quality in a hospital, doctor’s office, or care facility, you can breathe easier knowing your unique Airocide system is providing 24/7 medical-grade protection to staff, patients, and visitors.

PCO Air Purification for Hospitals and Medical Spaces

If protection of employees, patients, and visitors in your hospital or medical offices is your top priority, you know how important indoor air quality is. The right air purification solution is effective, efficient, and it covers every space in your facility. A variety of purification technologies exist to address air quality, from UV light to HEPA filtration, but there’s one method which destroys 99.99% of the organic threats that pass through it. Airocide is an air purifier that uses photocatalytic oxidation (PCO) – a process that doesn’t just stop bacteria, viruses, and mold, it destroys them. Here’s what makes PCO a better air purification solution for your hospital or medical offices.

PCO, Filters, and UV Air Purifiers – What’s the Difference?

Where a UV system or an air filter may already be in place inside your HVAC, it isn’t necessarily catching the airborne particles or droplets in common areas, hallways, operating rooms, and patient rooms. Airocide PCO air purifiers are designed to process the air in all of these spaces by constantly circulating it through a sealed reaction chamber. Instead of catching particles to be disposed of later, as in a filter-only system, threats that pass through an active Airocide unit collide with hydroxyl radicals that are bonded to the catalyst surface. Bacteria, viruses, and even allergens like pollen are destroyed as quickly as they enter, and the air that circulates out of the unit is pure – containing only trace elements of carbon dioxide and water vapor.

Air Quality in ORs and Patient Rooms

This method of purification makes it ideal for areas where quick and consistent reduction of airborne viruses and microbial CFUs is key. A study of Airocide’s effectiveness in the operating room of an outpatient cosmetic surgery facility showed a 92% reduction in airborne bacterial CFUs in only 24 hours, with a 47.3% drop in only one hour. In spaces where even the most fastidious doctor, nurse, or surgeon can bring unwanted organic threats into the room with them, protection from Airocide can go a long way to prevent unexpected infections. Airocide is also a certified FDA class II medical device, and produces no harmful emissions.

Protecting High-Volume, High-Traffic Spaces

An Airocide system can also be scaled and applied anywhere else that patients and visitors spend time, from patient rooms, to waiting areas, and even high-traffic hallways and common areas. There are a variety of Airocide units, all featuring the same PCO technology, but with additional features and reactor sizes to accommodate any volume of air you need to process. That means you can protect every space and every occupant from airborne bacteria, viruses, mold, and more.

Find Full-Scale Air Purification for Your Hospital or Medical Office

Airocide can work alongside an existing system or by itself, and it’s easy to install and maintain. With a variety of units, there’s an option that’s right for your facility or offices. Airocide is a PCO air purification method that produces no harmful emissions such as ozone, and can be used in private offices as well as high-traffic spaces in the hospital. Find out how an Airocide system will fit into your facility – reach out to one of our air purification experts to learn more and start protecting your staff and visitors today.