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An Office Air Purifier That Destroys Viruses, Bacteria, and More

“Back to the office” doesn’t need to mean going back to dodging airborne viruses, seasonal allergens, and pollutants or irritants in the air. With the right air purifier, you can reduce the risk of respiratory infections, keep the air free of those sniffle-causing pollen molecules, and provide clean air to the whole office that’s free of fungal spores and bacteria. The right technology doesn’t just stop airborne irritants and threats, though – it destroys them and removes them from the air completely so the risk of infection is reduced. Find out what kind of protection will help you reduce and control viruses, bacteria, and much more in your office’s air – read on to learn all about Airocide.

Powerful Protection From Airborne Threats

Air quality is the first line of defense between your workforce and airborne infections – so a reliable solution is key. Airocide is proven powerful and effective, with case studies collected across more than two decades of industrial use. Many of the studies point to significant reductions in colony-forming bacteria, viruses, mold, and fungi – the very same airborne contaminants that can cause infections and other health issues in an office environment. Airocide destroys these contaminants, reducing infection risks and helping keep your air, and your employees, healthy.

Office-Friendly Air Purification Units

Designed to be easy to use and maintain, Airocide is a perfect fit for offices of all sizes. Whether for personal office units or extensive open-plan spaces, there’s an Airocide system that can be configured to provide full protection. Installation is easy too, with all the equipment you need to mount the unit included. When it’s ready to run, all you need to do is plug it in and turn it on – it will operate continuously. It’s perfectly safe to run 24/7, because Airocide produces no ozone or harmful emissions. Maintenance varies per unit, but is often as easy as switching a filter and changing the bulbs in your unit.

Protect Employees With an Office Air Purifier That Destroys Viruses

As FDA Certified class II medical devices, every Airocide unit offers proven, safe air purification and protection for your office. Find out which unit is right for your space, reach out to our air purification experts today and request a facility proposal. You’ll find it’s easy to create a clean atmosphere in your offices with Airocide.